The mod contains the works of many authors, including exclusive ones from PGTeam

Version 1.0 (First Release)


  • Sound effects cut from the PS2 version and the game's beta have been re-implemented.
    • Alerts at metro stations
    • Ambience for the docks and coasts
    • Ambience for Marco's Bistro
    • Ambience for the Market in Chinatown
    • SFX for reloading the rocket launcher
  • Added removed radio tracks and ads from PS2 version
    • Tom Novy - Back to The Streets (Head Radio)
    • Conor and Jay - Carry Me Off (Head Radio)
    • Marydancin - Wash Him Off (Lips 106)
    • Gianni Schicchi - O Mio Babbino Caro (Double Clef FM)
      —— Adverts re-added for Head Radio:
    • Restored Ammu-nation advert
    • Restored Army advert
      —— Advertising Lips 106
    • Restored Army adverts (shorter ads than on Head Radio)
      —— Flashback FM
    • Duran Duran reference is restored
  • Police walkie talkie sfx from PS2 version are restored

Graphics. HUD

  • New HD weapon icons
  • New loading screens
  • New original high quality Splash Screen
  • New main menu
  • Global map / mini-map
  • Added a black outline for the mini-map
  • Replaced UZI texture with the beta version
  • Changed radio icons to new ones
  • Changed auto-aiming reticle to be similar with LCS's reticle / Returned original sight for M16

Graphics. General

  • Added an interior to Marco's Bistro (Portland)
  • Added an interior for Mean Street Taxis (Portland)
  • Re-Implemented the feul dispensers from the PS2 version to the gas station
  • Reworked and manually optimized textures from the Xbox version of GTA 3.
    • Textures of roads, grass, sidewalks, roof hatches, walls, etc.
    • New vehicle textures and geometry
    • 3D car engines
    • Added new wheel textures
    • DoDo, Train, Ghost model taken from PS2 version
  • New redesigned Hand Model for Claude.
  • New Optimized HD textures
    • Blood, Moon, tire burnout marks, grass, etc.
  • Diablos can now be re-sprayed
  • Police models/textures changed to Xbox version + beta
  • Fixed and optimized textures previously missing
    • 3D 8-ball in Shoreside Vale
    • Gateway to the stadium in Staunton Island (PS2)
    • Graffiti under the bridge in Shoreside Vale
    • Red bricks at the lighthouse in Portlands
    • Antenna on the buoys in the water
    • Piano keys at Villa Salvatore in Portland
    • License plates for garages in the industrial area Shoreside Vale, etc.


  • New design for the LiveArea screen
  • Added a new Manual (LiveArea screen)
  • Added a new copyright screen
  • Claude animation files replaced with the PS2 files
  • NPC animation files replaced with the PS2 files
  • Time/weather scale and car collision meshes ported from PS2 version
  • Added a new skin for Claude (Standart)
  • Changed the max ammo amount for the pistol (17), Uzi (30) and shotgun (7)
  • Rebuilt textures and files


  • Fixed wheels Banshee and Stinger (LCS models/textures)
  • Fixed render bug for the BF Injection (Xbox model)
  • Fixed crashes and errors related to certain textures (Xbox model)
  • Fixed garage doors (Shoreside Vale)
  • Fixed vehicle durability for PSVita (+30%)
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