Version 1.1


  • Gameplay balance fixes - based on PC version
  • Changed player interface, using assets from the PC version
  • Loading bar in the center of the screen just like the PC version
  • Added animated casings when firing and animated magazines when reloading, ported from PC version


  • Added PS button icons to tooltips
  • Fixed hints logic
  • Changed the name of weapons to their real world counterparts
  • Changed info for when selecting ammo for corresponding weapons
  • Changed 3rd person camera placement, positioning it closer to Max


  • Changed controls, added the ability for Max crouch
  • Added a tab in the "Settings - Control - PSV Controls" menu that shows control layout
  • Changed the structure and order of the menu
    • Removed all elements from the mobile version
    • Disabled unuseable menu items


  • Redesigned LiveArea Bubble Image
  • Added new manual (LiveArea screen)
  • Changed the copyright screen at the start of the game
  • Changed the splash screen in the main menu
  • Changed autosave and manual save screens
  • Added screen when loading game tutorial level
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Version 1.1