The mod contains the works of many authors, including exclusive ones from PGTeam

Version 1.0 (Coming Soon)


  • Music cut from the PS2 version have been re-implemented.
    • Master Sounds 98.3
      • Charles Wright — «Express Yourself»
      • The Blackbyrds — «Rock Creek Park»
      • James Brown — «The Payback»
      • Maceo & The Macks — «Soul Power ’74»
      • The J.B.’s — «Grunt»
      • James Brown — «The Payback»
    • Playback FM
      • Ultramagnetic MC’s — «Critical Beatdown»
    • Bounce FM
      • Fatback — «Yum Yum»
      • Roy Ayers — «Running Away»
      • The Gap Band — «You Dropped A Bomb On Me»
    • K-DST
      • Tom Petty — «Runnin’ Down a Dream»
      • Joe Cocker — «Woman to Woman»
    • K-Jah West
      • Black Harmony — «Don’t Let It Go To Your Head»
      • Blood Sisters — «Ring My Bell»
    • Radio X
      • Ozzy Osbourne — «Hellraiser»
      • Rage Against The Machine — «Killing in the Name»
    • Radio Los Santos
      • 2Pac — «I Don’t Give A F*ck»
      • N.W.A. — «Express Yourself»

Graphics. General

  • Reworked and manually optimized textures from the PC version of GTA SA (about 7k textures)
    • Ground, grass, asphalt, walls, billboards, signs, sand, sidewalks, roofs, etc.
  • Replaced textures of disks, tires, headlights, steering wheels from the PC version
  • Restored small breaking trees from the PC version
  • Added grass and rocks throughout the state of San Andreas
    • Replaced grass textures on the PS2 version
  • The cut elements are returned to Las Venturas from the PS2 version
    • The Four Dragons casino design
    • Pray'n'Spray in the Royal Casino area
  • Replaced Camper from the PS2 version


  • Fixed display of orignal font
  • Fixed parachute animation like from the PS2 version
  • Fixed models:
    • Nebula, Cheetah, Dozer, Dumper, Linerunner, Phoenix, Yankee, Monster, Merit
    • All motorcycles
    • 3 trailers (artict1, artict2, artict3)
  • Fixed Kendle texture in cutscenes and game
  • Fixed animation of peds
  • Fixed sitting peds
  • Added missing chimney smoke, added flies near hot dog tents
  • Fixed lighting of various light sources
  • Fixed inscriptions on road signs
  • Fixed weapon brightness
  • Fixed vinyls on cars:
    • Elegy, Uranus, Jester, Flash, Sultan и Stratum
  • Fixed glare textures on cars
  • Fixed HUD for PlayStation Vita

Graphics. HUD

  • Replaced map for the PC version
  • New loading screens
  • Reworked menu graphics for the classic PC version
  • Changed controls close to the PS3 vanilla version
  • Changed radio icons to new ones


  • CJ is jumping into all the convertibles now
  • New design for the LiveArea screen
  • Added a new Manual (LiveArea screen)
  • Added a new copyright screen
  • Rebuilt textures and files
    • Added mipmaps for textures
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