The mod contains the works of many authors, including exclusive ones from PGTeam

Version 1.0 (Coming Soon)

Graphics. General

  • Reworked and manually optimized textures, and models from the Xbox version of GTA VC.
    • All vehicles
    • Wheels
    • Hands of characters in cut scenes
  • Reworked and manually optimized HD-textures.
    • Environment textures, asphalt, grass, sidewalk, sand, some vegetation, etc.
    • Lighting, rays of the sun, lights, headlights
  • Changed the fountain by the beach to the PS2 version
  • Reworked all weapon models from the PS2 version
  • Tommy's animation files replaced with the PS2 files


  • Fixed white textures and collisions
  • Fixed entrances to the building where Rosenberg's office is located
  • Fixed hangar windows at the airport
  • Fixed excavator and hangar on dump
  • Fixed blink-effects
  • Fixed animations of Victor Vance's face in cutscene
  • Fixed animations in the mission "The Shootist" (now characters are holding weapons correctly)
  • Fixed traffic behavior, now it occupies two lanes
  • WK Chariot Hotel is now Vice Point Langer like in the PS2 version
  • Showcase in "Howlin Petes Bike Emporium" is now transparent, like in the PS2 version
  • Both dock entrances open after completing Colonel Cortez's missions

Graphics. HUD

  • Reworked and manually optimized HUD HD-textures
  • Added a new loading screens
  • New main menu and logo
  • New map and map legend icons
  • Changed radio icons to new ones


  • New design for the LiveArea screen
  • Added a new Manual (LiveArea screen)
  • Added a new copyright screen
  • Changed "timecyc" for better lighting
  • Changed old map in Sunshine Autos
  • Changed carcasses of abandoned cars
  • Changed the texture of the water
  • Sabre Turbo and Cuban Hermes can now be re-sprayed
  • Added a new skin for Tommy (from official japanese version)
  • New design for the LiveArea screen
  • Added a new Manual (LiveArea screen)
  • Rebuilt textures and files

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